Essential Oils Are Easy To Use!

You can Inhale or Diffuse Essential Oils:                                                                                                                                           The Olfactory Nerve is a very specialized part of your body that gives you your sense of smell. It is located close to your brain. When you smell an essential oil, the electrical and chemical impulses reach your brain in mere seconds!

Apply Essential Oils Topically:
Your skin is the largest and fastest growing organ of your body. It protects you, cools you, and carries the nearly 45 miles (72 km) of nerves that give you your sense of touch. Nerve impulses travel at speeds up to 248 mile per hour.

Take Essential Oils Internally:
In some cases, taking oils internally as dietary supplements is the right way to get them to where they are needed. In particular if you have a tummy ache, just a drop of peppermint on your tongue might do the trick. It is critical to ingest only pure distillates and have a clear understanding and knowledge of what you are taking internally.

Some General Uses:

Lemon: enhance the flavor of food and beverages
Peppermint: soothe and support the digestive system
Lavender: promote a restful night’s sleep
Frankincense: overcome nervous energy

I highly recommend the book Aromatherapy  by Connie Higley.
In an easy to read format, this book alphabetically lists every ailment and every essential oil, and its application, specific to the ailment. Since the FDA continues to crack down on this information, I’ve been stocking up on these books; let me know if you have any problem obtaining a copy.



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Those around us, when open to moving upward from their current emotional state, are attracted to the higher spiraling energy. Essential oil aromas are the magnetic power, the attractant, that draws them to you. There is potential to improve lives. We, as Young Living members, have the privilege of doing so with essential oils. Refresh your memory as to how it felt for you the last time you moved up a step in your own journey…
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