The best single thing you can do for your healing is immediately begin detoxing your body. My recommendation is to set about this process somewhat slowly. A Herxheimer Reaction can be very painful (when your toxic load is more than your body is capable of eliminating).

Start by removing one thing for a few days, then remove another, and so on. Please begin with sugar. Most people consume quite a lot of sugar, since it seems to be an ingredient in almost everything we buy. If you drink coffee, cut down to 8 ounces of black coffee per day. Give up cream, or eliminate the whole coffee, cream, sugar, concoction entirely.

Next, eliminate wheat and grains. Almost all of the grain, corn, and soy, here in the US is grown in heavy pesticide laden soil. Additionally, most seeds are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) which actually have the capabilities to alter our natural DNA. Plus, GMO foods can promote cancer.

The goal is to change your diet for 90 days to fresh fruit smoothies, fresh fruit, raw vegetables, nuts, and salads. That’s it. One exception, is if you are very thin to begin with, in which case, you can eat some meat. Some people need to eat meat and that’s OK. However, it must be meat free of growth hormone; organic free-range is what you must buy. Remember, cheap usually means dangerous, when it comes to meat, eggs, and milk. There are many milk replacements on the market these days. I have used them (my favorite is unsweetened almond milk) and they work very well. That goes for flour, too, which when you reintroduce this into your diet it should be either coconut or einkorn flour. A terrific book for using coconut flour for baking is:             Cooking with Coconut Flour a delicious low-carb, gluten-free alternative to wheat by Bruce Fife, N.D.

Once you get onto your very clean 90 day diet your body will begin to heal. You will feel the improvements which will encourage you to continue. Just take it slow. Consuming an entire cooker of rice might make you sick, so eat small amounts of cooked food. See how you feel. If you start baking your own food, there’s plenty of substitutes for ingredients you used to use. You will need replacements for all sugar, and there are many.

As of this update, curcumin is no longer available for IV. According to the holistic doctor, the government stepped in and [took] it.

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Foods rich in luteolin inhibit the blood vessels that exhibit rapid growth, feeding tumors.