My Story

Personally, I don’t care for testimonials that much. Sure, some are useful, however, I find most to be boring or redundant. None-the-less, I have to tell MY STORY. In my book, CELLTOONS, you can also read some of my story. It’s like many others, but I hope mine will carry a message of hope for you. I found a small, (but big enough) breast lump in December, 2015, in my left breast. I live on the central Oregon coast with limited care providers, so, I went to the local walk-in clinic thinking I could just order up a breast biopsy, like a garden burger. That was a fail! Further, I had no idea what I was doing, or in for.

I was indoctrinated  into rush-job medical care. I am not saying that waiting is always the best idea, but truth-be-told, it’s not a good idea to run headlong into advice from status-quo doctors, either. I wish I would have realized, then, that the cancer didn’t arrive in one week, and that taking one week to do some research about cancer was an appropriate choice. I advocate for patients having the right to use other modalities, in addition, to what a doctor may have in mind for you (if you agree). A few months passed with more appointments (get a mammogram, read the mammogram, interpret the results, biopsy the cell mass, read those results, oh, and pay all of the bills, too). Then I received the phone call. ”Benign”. O.K. Stop the story! I really need to say this–if you find a small to medium lump, that you believe COULD be cancer, you may want to go to a non-invasive, holistic clinic where you can explore options, such as thermography, before you agree to have the protective ‘sack’ around your tumor pierced during a biopsy. Whether you have cancer or not, a biopsy may actually be worse for you because it will release active cancer cells into the blood stream. Unfortunately, I had another biopsy, and yes, cancer subsequently moved, and grew, in other parts my body.

Later, I was sent a very official looking letter from the hospital shortly after the initial botched biopsy. As a retired Post Office worker, I know Certified, Return Receipt, Restricted Delivery letters. Designed to scare me; it did. I had been thinking about getting a breast lift, (no implants) along with my good friend, in Costa Rica. Since I received the result of ‘benign’, I continued to make those plans.  Suddenly, the “team” was suggesting a double mastectomy. I was horrified at their aggressive stance, given the benign biopsy result.

Back to the cell-mass. If I knew then, what I know now, I most certainly would have run to the Portland Clinic of Holistic Health. Had the tumor sack not been broken by a surgeon in Tualatin, Oregon, I believe the cancer could have been gone very quickly. After the second, overly-thorough invasive biopsy, I was immediately scheduled for another biopsy of my clavicular lymph node since it was “certain” they would find cancer there, too. My point is: from my experience, all of these specialists wanted me to have cancer. It seemed like they were creating the cancer for me. And who was advocating for me? More specialists, more appointments, more money, more, more, more. The conventional cancer care never quits! Here’s the moral: the cancer really was getting spread around, and yes, it had spread to my lymph nodes, too, after they had poked and prodded around long enough for the cancer to metastasize to my bones. I looked for a naturopathic doctor. After three months with that doctor, I was not better in my body or spirit. My mind was in pretty good order, though, because I had not agreed to what I, instinctively, knew to be wrong (slash, poison, burn).

I still have the same two breasts that nursed three children attached to my body! If I had gone (the other route) with them, I’d have chemo-brain, scars, no hair, no breasts, no dignity, holding a one-way ticket, for the express-line, to the graveyard! In a bold move, I switched doctors. That’s what you do. You don’t owe people, or have allegiances when you have a serious diagnosis. I was still working my job. Then, in an unrelated matter, my supervisor removed me from my position; life was hard as I experienced my world crumbling. I was in a new town, I didn’t know anybody and I had zero support.

I went to the original clinic (the same bunch who gave me a ‘get your affairs in order’ book).  I asked for a note to release me from work, I really needed a break. As I said, my job had become untenable (it only takes one superior on a power-trip to bring down a person, whom they perceive as a personal threat). The receptionist at the clinic said, “No”. Then she added, ” . . .  because you cancelled your cancer appointments”. That saddened me, the fact that I was going to have to work, in charge of people (but not myself), while trying to coordinate cancer treatments, or possible options, at the same time. I went to a counselor. No note. I went to mental health screening. No note. I wound up at the local Emergency Room, quite distraught, and crying. One hundred fifty dollars later, on top of the counseling fees, I finally had a note . . . for one day! After several long and stressful events, I used my accured sick leave until I retired the end of June 2016.

Next, I had an appointment with the local medical-marijuana doctor in August 2016. That very day, my friend actually demanded, that I call the holistic clinic in Portland. The clinic fit me into their schedule the same afternoon. I was discovering how different the holistic approach was, remembering how the second surgeon had sent me a nine-page intake form which had my number in the upper right corner on every page. I didn’t sign or return that paperwork. I read it, though. It said that by signing, I was agreeing that the doctors, specialists, and surgeons, could do whatever they deemed “necessary”. Further, that I was agreeing to pay for it, and I could never sue them. Had I, in the beginning, gone straight to the holistic clinic, I’m certain I could have saved a good portion of precious time.

My holistic doctors (two attending me) got important information from a blood sample, gave me a high-powered vitamin C intravenous drip, and had me take a handful of supplements four times a day. That was when I started to search for every bit of cancer information I could find. I was online every day. I ordered many books, a frequency generator, vitamins, oils, powders, supplements, downloads, and everything else I could find, afford, or believed I needed. I am not recommending you do this, at the time, I had nothing, but I believed that I could be cured; that cures had been found, but buried in the interest of profits.

I’ve done so much preliminary work, on my own behalf, now, it is my goal to share the information with you! Lord knows, I don’t like “reinventing the wheel”. My aim is to provide you with enough information and previously gathered facts and data (which you can access) on the LINKS page. It is important to feel like you can swim without sinking. While at the Portland Clinic of Holistic Health I got creative; by inspiration, I started drawing pictures of my cells. Yes, my own cells! I kept drawing the pictures, showing them to the staff, laughing with them about the different things that my cells we’re doing, or feeling. All good work, as I regained more of my health and became a more creative individual. On the CELLTOONS page you can purchase my book. This website is my contribution for you. I hope you can spend some time before you make the biggest decision of your life (probably) or your death (very sad indeed). I believe that choices are ours to make, we owe it to ourselves to be good stewards with all we are given. Think it through, make a decision that feels the best for you. Use your intuition, right now! Ask Source, God, Nature, or The Divine, to guide you to make the very best decision  for YOUWe are different; some protocols will work, perhaps others won’t. While you are thinking on these things, be sure you have analyzed and reprogrammed your food consumption. The Nutrition link provides information about food; food is not negotiable! You must eat living food! I take essential plant oils with me wherever I go. The oils are critical compounds for healing. On the OILS page, I also talk about flower essences, along with the importance of purchasing pure therapeutic grade products. Nature holds our cures—the Bible says this is so; when you see the SPIRIT page you will start to feel a connection to your BODY. It’s through your MIND that many goals and visions are captured, then fulfilled.

On the CONTACTS page, you will be able to make an appointment with me, if you believe that you should. I am available to speak to your group, showcase my book, engage you, and most of all, cheer you on, as you fulfill your health destiny.