I’ve heard, statistically, that soon, one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer. I was the one. I got a cancer diagnosis; even though I could see why cancer developed, I was still as shocked to hear, “It’s cancer “, as anyone else who has ever heard those words.

After six months of searching, flailing really, knowing that conventional treatments yield the same five-year survival rate as doing nothing, I found Portland Clinic of Holistic Health in Portland, Oregon. That was August of 2016. I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer.

I had retired in June, a somewhat forced action. I enrolled in an art class at the local Senior Center. It was fun and I liked learning how to draw. On August 5th, 2016 I drew a little picture of my scared and weakened cells. I titled the picture, “Weary Cells Expected to Fight”. I showed it to the staff at the clinic. Everyone liked my drawing. “CellToons” was born! I started drawing out my personal health interactions, with colored pencils, through the perspective of my own cells.

My journey through cancer is illustrated in a child-like, simple fashion. The small skits of the CellToons serve as a happiness lever, for myself, and those around me. Seven months later, the cancer was declared, “In remission”. Here is my book about cancer at a cellular level.

I hope that you, too, will be able to find some joy, hope, and happy moments when you are with the CellToons. After all, it is our beliefs that hold the potential for illness and for health. It is my honor to say, “To Your Health”!